Embroidery Software Training Programs

This embroidery software training website is brought to you by Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach and is  designed to provide you with information in easy to understand lessons on how to create your embroidery designs.  Some of them are available on line programs and some are downloadable  PDF files.  They are not embroidery software specific however, I do use the Tajima by Pulse Embroidery software as I am going through the design files showing you how to create your designs.   The downloadable PDF files include step by step pictures and are very easy to understand. These design programs were created  to make your learning simple and to reduce your learning curve.

You will also find programs that are not related to design creation but are business related.  They will teach you how to promote your embroidery business and how to create a more profitable embroidery business.

How To Create Beautiful Large and Small Monograms

How To Embroider Small Lettering

How To Create and Understand Embroidery Pull Compensation

How To Create and Apply Embroidery Underlay Stitching

How To Market Your Embroidery Business

How To Price Embroidery